Essential Oils: How do I use them?

Essential Oils: How do I use them?

Don't be fooled when you read 'essential oil' because they're actually the essences and compounds of the plant. They are high potent and concentrated. You could count 1000 plants and have an infinite amount of combinations. However; with an infinite amount of combinations comes many ways to use them. 

Remember there is no wrong or right way to use oils. and different things work for different people. Here's how we prefer to use them:



If you've ever met someone that says they don't like taking a bath is definitely lying to you. There's nothing better than coming home from a long day and taking bath. But, why not take it that step further and add a fun little twist. Some like bath bombs but why not an essential oil? 💯

Not only does it smell AMAZING but it actually has a lot of health benefits. 🤩Recently I've discovered the benefits of magnesium flakes. This helps with muscle tension and anxiety (two things that I have struggled with for years).

By adding an oils, with or without a carrier, too warm water it enhances the absorption to the skin. You really only need a few drops, and be careful when getting out you may slip. 😉


Back at it again with the muscle tension. Compresses are fantastic when it comes to swelling, joint pain and cramps. When adding one or more essential oils to a hot or cold compress, it can help with skin health. It is more gentle than direct inhalation. Both, working as well as the next.

I also had a thought of trying to soak fabric in some essential oil then drying it making some lavender sacks. I haven't tried it yet but lets see how that goes. 😃



PLEASE ensure you do a patch test before applying anything to your skin. When we apply oils or essences directly to the skin you can use the pure oil or diluted with a carrier. They can be used to treat bites, minor cuts, irritations and burns. I like to use a roller bottle every morning. It is infused with rose petals and has a crystal infusion of Rose Quartz. 🌹

When purchasing oil pay attention to the quality of the oil. You can do this by looking at the price, the colour of the bottle and buying organic if you can. 


Why the colour of the bottle? Dark Blue or Amber stained bottles often maintain the integrity of the oil. Due to the dark colours, it also protects the oils from ultraviolet light.🌞

Remember that a little goes a long way when being used. If you are just starting out, remind yourself that you can always use more if you feel like you need too. 

When using them as part of a ritual show your gratitude to the plant the the essence comes from. Act as it is a gift from Earth. 🌏


How safe are they to use? Just like anything using and mixing essential oil can have its risks. If you have sensitive skin we suggest doing a small patch test on your wrist, then leave it over night and see if there is a reaction the following morning. Pregnant women should be weary of using oils after the first trimester and whilst breastfeeding. 🤰🏼 Also, ensure that they are safe to be used while pregnant. If ingested, it is suggested you visit a medical practitioner or aromatherapist first as the high concentration levels. 


We are currently working on a range of essential oils, and, we are putting together a list of our favourite oils and what they are used for and how they work.

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